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Clifton Metals Recycling is rooted in the mission of “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle,” a commitment that goes beyond our Clifton Metals Yard. Situated in Clifton, NJ, we are more than a recycling hub—we’re a promise to responsibly conserve our planet’s resources.

As a renowned scrap dealer, Clifton Metals buys and sells a wide range of scrap metal, offering competitive rates to all of our clients. From local residents to businesses seeking efficient retail cleanouts and extensive commercial recycling solutions, our services cater to a broad spectrum of needs.

Comprehensive Recycling Solutions

State-of-the-art Services at Our Clifton Metals Yard

Clifton Metals Yard, our impressive six-acre facility, is ready to accommodate all types of metal loads. Our prowess in the recycling sector separates us from conventional scrap buyers, with our facility capable of managing an astounding 7 million tons of ferrous scrap per year.

At Clifton Metals Recycling, we embark on an eco-friendly journey with every piece of scrap we handle. We deal with a broad spectrum of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, recycling everyday items like steel and cast iron, and handling specialized industrial waste. Our recycling services include:

  • Roll-off Services / Dumpster Services
  • Non-Ferrous And Ferrous Processing
  • Industrial Onsite Scrap Management Services/ Pick up Services 
From Scrap to Impact
lbs of scrap recycled and counting, we at Clifton Metals Recycling are steadfast in our commitment to environmental stewardship and resource conservation


Tailored Retail and Commercial Recycling Solutions

At Clifton Metals Recycling, we offer comprehensive solutions for retail and commercial recycling. Whether it’s cleanup or cleanouts, our goal is to make the recycling process as efficient and profitable as possible. We are more than scrap buyers – we are your partners in sustainability, assisting businesses in reducing their environmental footprint while gaining value from their scrap metal.



Choosing Clifton Metals Recycling means partnering with a future of sustainability and moving towards an eco-friendly future. By recycling your waste with us, you are transforming what could have been landfill material into a valuable resource.

Let’s journey towards a sustainable future together. Contact us today at Clifton Metals Yard to discover how we can meet all your scrap metal needs.