Tips for Scoring the Best Deals on Electrical Wire Prices Clifton Metals

Tips for Scoring the Best Deals on Electrical Wire Prices

When you want to maximize your returns, every ounce counts especially in the world of metal wire scrap. There are several tips you need to follow to get the best scrap metal prices. some of these tips are mentioned below:

1. Separating the usage of the wire
Every wire comes with different uses and properties. For heavy-duty loads and equipment, dense materials are used whereas in minimal electrical equipment, normal wires are used. You need to examine the usage of wires and separate them on the basis of the same. The heavy-duty wires used in air conditioners, heaters and others help you to get good value.

Tips for Scoring the Best Deals on Electrical Wire Prices Clifton Metals

2) Checking the material of the insulation
The wires are covered with insulation material, usually rubber and plastic. The rubber insulation can be removed easily whereas the plastic takes some time and effort which reduces the value of that scrap. So, make sure to consider the insulating material. You can identify the material of insulation used from the unique serial number mentioned on the topmost layer of insulation material.

3) Trying to understand the percentage of the copper or aluminum depending on the insulation
The percentage of copper and aluminum has a significant effect on the value of the wire scrap. Wire scrap with a higher concentration of copper is expensive whereas aluminum mixing drops the price. You will get the best value only for the wire scrap with a good proportion of copper and aluminum. The 1-time electrical wire price is usually low as compared to multi-usage wires.

4) Separate the wire depending on the type
As we have specified, the wires are of different types and categories depending on their usage viz. concentration of metals, insulating material used, and many more. If you have already separated all the types of wires then you will get a good value from scrapper. These properties are usually mentioned on the insulating material of the wire.

5) Clean the wire for dirt, attachments, and plugs for a higher price
Last but not least thing you can do to score the best deals on electrical wire prices is to clean it and provide the purest quality to the scrapyard. All you need to do is eliminate all kinds of dust, attachments, plugs, rubber-insulating materials, and many more. This will save the labor cost of the scrapyard for separating them and end up offering the best possible deal.

6) Why is bare copper cable the best option for scrap yards?
When it comes to the best option for scrap yards, the bare copper cable is also preferred. It always stands out as the topmost priority for scrapyards as the bare copper cable used for electrical purposes is usually of high purity. There is no mixability between aluminum and any other cheap metal which significantly makes it ready to reuse and recycle at cheap prices. The 2-time electrical wire prices are higher only because of their bare nature. Another big reason for their high demand and value in scraps is due to their bare nature. The scrapyard has no need to put extra effort and resources into eliminating useless insulating material like rubber or plastic. Removing the insulation converts the wires into bare and you get better pricing than that of ordinary scrap wires.


Careful consideration of various factors is required to get the best value for your wire scrap. Keep factors like wire usage, insulation material, metal content, and cleanliness at the topmost priority while determining the value of the wire scrap.

Hope the tips mentioned in this article help you to get the best out of your scrap.