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Cost Analysis: Is Copper Piping Worth the Investment?

Copper piping has been a universal method for centuries in the field of plumbing. The biggest reason behind the same is their reliability and durability. Copper is one of the least real-time metals and doesn’t corrode when it comes in contact with water. But it is more expensive than other alternatives like PEX and PVC. Here in this post, we will provide the cost analysis of copper and determine whether it is worth your investment or not.

Initial costs of metal 

Copper pipe price is much higher than any other metal because of their higher demand. Usually, the average cost of copper pipe is around $2 to $4 per linear foot. Whereas on the other hand, the cost of PEX is around $0.50 to $2 per linear foot. That is why most people prefer PEX and PVC for their plumbing solutions. The best option is to choose recycled copper pipes from metal scrap yards. All you need to do is search for “copper recycling prices near me” on Google.

Cost Analysis - Is Copper Piping Worth the Investment - Clifton Metals Blog

Installation cost 

Copper installation is different from PVC installation where the pipe can be joined using an adhesive. In copper pipe installation the soldering and precise installation with expensive equipment is required. Also, the labor cost is higher. On average, you need to spend around $2,000 and $4,000 for the all-over installation of copper piping at your home. Whereas on the other hand, it costs only $2,000 for PEX installation and even less in the case of PVC. 


The average lifespan of copper piping is around 50 years depending on the location and other factors. On the other hand, the lifespan of PVC and PEX is around 20 to 30 years. That gives us, copper is durable and more reliable than PVC and PEX. Installing copper can be a higher initial investment but doesn’t require replacement for over half a century.

Cost Analysis - Is Copper Piping Worth the Investment - Clifton Metals Blog


Copper is highly reliable due to its antibacterial properties. The best part is that the pipes don’t degrade when exposed to UV light. All three properties make copper pipes an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor installations. More importantly, copper pipes can be used for higher-temperature applications where ordinary PVC and PEX pipes can melt. 

Maintenance cost 

There are rare cases when copper pipelines leak or break whereas ordinary PVC and PEX can leak or damage with external factors. Moreover, the copper pipelines are less prone to bursting in freezing temperatures than PEX. 

Health and environmental consideration 

Copper is an antimicrobial metal that is effective in eliminating the risk of bacterial growth within the pipes. Also, the risk of plastic leaching into the water is almost zero when you install copper pipes in your house plumbing. The copper is recycled in scrap yards which makes it an environmentally friendly option. 

Resale and insurance 

The copper pipes come with a warranty of several years. If there are any issues with the pipeline, the compact will repair or replace the faulty pipes with the tenure of insurance coverage. The pipes also have a higher resale value because they can be recycled and utilized again infinite times.


Rather than the initial installation costs of copper pipes the long lifespan, durability, reliability, and health benefits make them an ideal option for your house plumbing. However, whether to choose copper pipes or PVC depends on your needs, budget, and long term plans.

Hope the tips mentioned in this article help you to get the best out of your scrap.