Why Bare Copper Cable is the Ultimate Choice for Electrical Projects

Why Bare Copper Cable is the Ultimate Choice for Electrical Projects?

Copper cables are widely used for electrical purposes due to their high-conductive properties. Usually, these cables are covered with insulating materials like rubber and plastic to keep them safe to touch with bare hands. But do you know the bare copper cable is also in high demand in electrical projects? That is the only reason behind the metal scrap yards offering high value for these cables.

Copper is one of the most conductive materials that is available at affordable prices. If you have scrap collected, then you might be thinking of selling it to scrap yards. Following some tactics, like removing the insulation layer from these cables, can be effective in getting great value. This will make it easy for the scrap dealers to resell them to electrical projects that have a high demand for such bare cables of copper. Some of these reasons are mentioned below.

Why Bare Copper Cable is the Ultimate Choice for Electrical Projects

Let’s have a look at them:

Bare copper cable used for electrical purposes is usually of high purity

Electrical projects require high-quality copper wires to pass out electricity smoothly and save a significant amount of bills. Here, copper is the best alternative. Copper allows the electricity to pass out from its ions without any restriction smoothly. Significantly, the bare copper wires that are used for electrical purposes are the purest ones.

Because of purity, they have a high demand in electrical projects, and the metal scrap yard dealers used to offer great value for bare cables. If you have used copper cable scrap, removing the insulation converts the wires into bare, and you get better pricing for metal scrap dealers near you.

Corrosion resistance: Copper has a magical property; it automatically forms a protective oxide layer when exposed to air. The same principle works with the bare copper cable; it forms the oxide layer and lasts without rusting. This will allow the scrap dealers to store it for a long time. Also, these cables can be used in electrical projects without any protective layer.

Safety: Copper bears the properties of non-combustion metals, due to which it does not release toxic smoke and fumes when exposed to fire. Scrap yards are prone to fire as they are primarily without roofs. Here, the bare copper wires do not release toxic substances if accidentally exposed to fire.

Cheap alternative: Some metals like Au (Aluminum) are more affordable as compared to copper, but the only thing that sets bare copper wires apart is their high conductivity. Due to this, they consume less electricity and are more efficient. Even in the long term, bare copper cables are way cheaper than aluminum and other metals.

Flexibility: Copper is more malleable and ductile (easy to twist and form in any shape), which makes it easy for the scrap yards to store them in a compact place. Even for the purpose of electrical projects, bare copper cables are easy to utilize and install in any manner in machines and equipment.


Electrical projects require wires that are highly conductive, easy to store, and ductile & malleable properties, and consume less electricity. The bare copper cables meet all these requirements and are always in high demand in metal scraps.