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How to Maximize Profits from Recycling Aluminum

Recycling aluminum is not only profitable but also beneficial for the environment. It is important to know how to maximize profits from recycling aluminum, whether you are a newbie wanting to make some extra money or a full-time business wanting to maximize profits. Here in this article, we will help to know all about how aluminum scrap metal prices are determined, and some major tips that help you to get the most out of your recycled aluminum.

How Aluminum Scrap Metal Prices Are Determined

There are several factors that determine the price of recycled aluminium in the market. Some of these factors include supply and demand, the quality and type of aluminum, and the current market price for raw aluminum. Other market factors like economic trends and trade policies also play a significant role in determining the latest prices of scrap metals including iron, steel, and aluminum. You can get the best time to sell your scrap aluminum if you are aware of all these factors.

How to Maximize Profits from Recycling Aluminum - Clifton Metals Blog

Factors Influencing Aluminum Scrap Metal Prices
Below are the prime factors that have an impact on the price you get for your aluminum scrap:

Quality of scrap:
The quality determines the recycle price as clean and uncontaminated aluminum gives more price in the market. All you need to do is eliminate all kinds of impurities from your scrap.

Supply Levels:
The surplus supply of aluminum scrap drives the price down in the market. Whereas, low supply rates can help you to get more price.

Economic Conditions:
The global economic index influences the scrap metal price by several percentages.

The game of demand and supply can never be ignored. The higher demand for aluminum in manufacturing can lead to good prices for scrap metal.

Full Procedure of Aluminum Recycling

Here is the process of aluminum recycling:

  • The aluminum scrap has been collected from multiple sources like household items, industrial scrap, or construction materials.
  • Cleaning procedures to eliminate all impurities. The recycle price is less as compared to extracting metals from ores.
  • Shredding aluminum into small pieces will make further procedures easy.
  • After shredding the small pieces of aluminium will be melted using an environmentally friendly procedure. It takes less energy than producing new aluminum from ore.
  • Now, the final purification is processed where the remaining impurities are removed to attain a clean process.
  • The final aluminum is processed into ingots, sheets, or other forms for use in manufacturing new products. It is followed as per needs and requirements.

Tips for Maximizing Profits
Here are some of the most effective types that allow you to get the best out of your aluminum scrap. Let’s have a look:

Keep it clean
The scrap dealers offer better prices for clean scrap with no impurities and pieces of other metals. So, make sure to remove all kinds of contamination.

Stay Informed
Make sure to keep an eye on the scrap market prices. The prices change almost every day. Selling when prices are high will maximize your profits.

Efficient Transport
You can reduce transportation costs by optimizing your logistics. For affordable transportation, you can prefer full loads.

Build Relationships
Building a good relationship with local scrap yards is the best way to get offered better prices. Usually, these scrap yards give better prices than regular suppliers.

Bulk Sales
It is highly recommended to bring the bulk supply of scrap aluminum to scrap yards. It will help you to secure a higher price per unit compared to smaller, individual sales.


If you are aware of the factors to get the best possible price then you can make a better sum of money with your scrap aluminium. Recycling will not only benefit you financially but also contribute to a healthier environment.

Hope the tips mentioned in this article help you to get the best out of your scrap.