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Stay up-to-date with our daily scrap metal prices! At Clifton Metals Recycling, we believe in transparency and keeping our customers informed. That's why we update our price list daily, ensuring you always have the latest information at your fingertips. Explore the current rates for various scrap metals below.

Updated:July 23, 2024

Bare Bright Copper$3.35
Copper #1$3.15
Copper #2$2.95
Light (Roofing/Flashing) Copper$2.80
Leaded Light (Roofing/Flashing) Copper$2.70
Copper Turnings$2.40
Brass/Copper Mix$2.05
Yellow Brass$1.95
Brass Pipe$1.97
Red Brass$2.30
Clean Meters$2.35
Dirty Meters$1.35
Brass Radiators$1.90
Ammunition Shells$1.95
Brass Turnings$0.50
Red Brass Turnings$1.05
#1 Cable (500-750 MCM)$2.65
#2 Cable (50% min)$1.00
Single Strand (THHN Spaghetti)$2.25
#1 (Romex)$1.75
Communication (Cat 5/6)$1.05
Computer Wires$0.45
Christmas Light$0.20
Al BX$1.25
Steel BX$0.40
Material Price/lb.
Aluminum Copper Radiators (ACR) $1.55
Dirty Aluminum Copper Radiators (ACR) $1.15
A-Frame ACR $0.25
Electric Motors $0.25
Sealed Units $0.15
Copper Transformers $0.30
AC Compressors $0.20
Starters $0.35
Alternators $0.40
ACR Ends $0.38
Material Price/lb.
Clean Extrusions $0.65
Dirty Extrusions $0.35
Clean Car Rims $0.75
Truck Rims $0.40
Siding/Gutters $0.50
Sheet $0.44
Cast $0.43
Radiators $0.25
Irony $0.10
Ins. Wire $0.35
Material Price/lb.
304 Stainless Steel $0.35
316 Stainless Steel $0.60
Lead $0.55
Lead Wheel Weights $0.10
Auto Batteries $0.16
High Temperature Alloys $2.00+
Drums & Rotors$0.09
HMS/Unprepared/Cast Iron$0.075
Mixed Steel$0.065
Prepared HMS $0.10
Light Iron$0.065 

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